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Wednesdays Winning Women

  • Veteran Women's Enterprise Center 4900 South Lancaster Road Dallas, TX, 75216 United States (map)

Our third quarter line up of keynote speakers are providing the information and support every woman's needs to develop her own winning strategy for life, work and/or business!

This month, we are join by Michelle Bogan, Founder and CEO of EQUITY FOR WOMEN. In her blog "The Gushing Pipeline:"

"Women represent almost half of the workforce - 47% to be exact - and
yet we only comprise 21% of C-suite positions, less than 10% of venture
capital Partner roles and 4% of Fortune 500 CEO roles. No wonder only
2% of venture funding went to female-led companies last year. This
funding trend perpetuates the female leadership gap because many
women left the corporate workplace to develop and lead new
companies. Without financial support they cannot add to the net
number of women leaders in the market."

These statistics remind us of the variety of issues that continue to impact a woman's ability to truly win! Therefore in 2018, Michelle founded EQUITY FOR WOMEN to advance the mission of empowering women at work, which is achieved through two equally important strategies:

* Helping women develop what they need to be successful in their careers;
* Help men and companies be great advocates and allies for women;

Throughout Michelle's 25 year career, she has mentored colleagues and clients, founded and led Women's groups and helped promote multiple women and men to leadership positions.

Prior to this, Michelle worked in retail and consulting at Accenture, Kurt Salmon, Macy’s Inc. and The Walt Disney Company—consulting with Fortune 500 companies around the world. Today, Michelle also advises retail and technology startups in their strategic development.

Learn how you can help create equity for women, while identifying your winning strategies for life, work and business!