Breakfast with a Banker - Summer Series

Our Summer Series of "Breakfast with a Banker" offered the opportunity for women Veteran entrepreneurs to join an early morning informal conversation about business banking. They had the opportunity to lead these conversations by bringing their most intimate concerns related to building financial relationships and identifying/securing the right financial support for their business.

We launched this series with our partners at Legacy Texas, a commercially oriented, North Texas community bank serving local entrepreneurs, businesses and families for more than 60 years. With over $8 billion in assets and 44 locations in 19 North Texas cities, they are one of the largest locally based banks in the area.

While their numbers are significant, their customer relationships are even more important. Demonstrating a consistent belief in their customers': goals, dreams, and ambitions for tomorrow.

Since 1952, Legacy Texas has been doing whatever it takes to support their customers as they advance in business and life. Take this opportunity to sit across the table and have an intimate conversation about the importance of developing a productive banking relationship for you and your business.

Connecting you is what we do and this was first of a series of partner connections brought to you by the Veteran Women's Enterprise Center.  Breakfast with a Banker will launch again January 2018, get connected now to receive early registration notices: 


(The Legacy Texas overview is compiled from their website data at