Make history with us as we change the economic landscape for women veteran business owners. Sponsorship opportunities vary from facility to program development. Let your support for women veteran entrepreneurs be known by sponsoring our Co-working Space, Conference/Copy Center or Café Lounge. Get actively involved in our Enrichment Activities or Opportunities for Expansion or Advancement.

Join a movement that will make a real economic impact for female veterans, their communities and our nation! 

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Mondays In Motions focuses on personal and social issues that may impact the ability of Veteran women entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. The program addresses the unique experiences shared by our Veteran population providing an hoslistic approach to ensuring they have the resources they need to succeed.
Revenue ready women veteran business owners will be offered the opportunity to apply for participation in a 12-month Entrepreneur Expansion Initiative including, but not limited to: an intensive revenue review, management make-over, marketing mechanics, technology tactics and a strategic sales strategy to scale their business for success. The program is designed to transform selected candidates into well-managed, profitable, sustainable businesses that create a significant economic impact within their community.
The Professional Pipeline for Advancement is designed to match unemployed and underemployed women veterans with small businesses positioned for growth and expansion. Our programs provides support for leadership development and advance training for management positions in traditional and non-transitional careers with some of the top small businesses in our nation. We work with small businesses to assess their needs, provide training/support to meet and fill recruitment gaps by preparing unemployed and underemployed female veterans to take on these positions.


Only 1% of Americans choose to serve in the military and women veterans represent 10% of all veterans, yet services designed specifically to address women veterans are limited or often nonexistent.  

The National Women’s Business Council article “Female Veterans and Entrepreneurship – Promoting and Supporting Women Vetrepreneurs” (2015, November) states:

“. . . As the number of female veterans continues to increase, it is critical that our programs target this changing demographic. Increasing awareness of existing programs, making those programs more welcoming to women, and developing new programs entirely can help empower women veteran entrepreneurs.”

Identifying and addressing the vast variety of issues facing women veteran business owners is a difficult task, which requires the engagement of numerous individuals and organizations with a systematic purposeful strategy for success. The Veteran Women's Enterprise Center in southern Dallas is just the beginning.