Mondays In Motion is designed as our social support program with a focus on work life balance and personal empowerment.  Each Monday, participants can jump start their week, focus their time, relax their mind, energize and nuture their body with healthy fitness and nutritional options.  We believe a solid strategy for personal/professional growth requires a balance lifestyle with a focus on establishing healthy habits.

Ignite Inspiration: Focuses on empowering particpants to envision their path, identifying the people, places and resources needed to succeed and committing to plan of action Lessons from Leaders: Focuses on engaing C-Suite and Executive level professional to share their unique leadership experiences with our women veteran CEOs with an ultimate goal of establsilishing productives mentor and sponsor relationships. Motivational Moments: Focuses on women veterans overcoming transitional challenges, which could include, but are certainly not limited to: divorce, abuse, unemployment, homelessness, career changes and/or starting a business.
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PAV the way by letting us know, how you want to be involved, partner, attend and/or volunteer. You can do one or all three.