Entrepreneur Expansion Initiative

Revenue ready women veteran business owners will be offered the opportunity to apply for participation in a 12-month Entrepreneur Expansion Initiative (EEI) including, but not limited to: an intensive revenue review, management make-over, marketing mechanics, technology tactics and a strategic sales strategy to scale their business for success.  The program is designed to transform selected candidates into well-managed, profitable, sustainable businesses that create a significant economic impact within their community and our nation.

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Offerings and participation in this Initiative is based on available funding. Application Announcements will be posted to the Home Page, when available.



















The expansion programs focus on women veteran small business owners in that critical stage of survival. Several business programs focus on start up or businesses with revenues at six figures.  EEI focuses on women veteran businesses below six figures that can demonstrate the potential for growth to help them survive this critical period.  Small businesses are the foundation of our nation’s economy, support for women veteran business owners is support for a thriving national economy. 

Professional Pipeline for Advancement

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The Professional Pipeline for Advancement is designed to match unemployed and underemployed women veterans with small businesses positioned for growth and expansion.  This program provides leadership development and advance training, for traditional and non-transitional careers with some of the top small businesses in our nation.  We work with small businesses to assess their needs, provide training/support to meet and fill recruitment gaps by preparing unemployed and underemployed female veterans to take on these leadership positions.

Leadership Development Program - Preparing unemployed and underemployed female Veterans for leadership roles in the small business industry. 

Monthly Employer Reception - Where you meet face-to-face with small business owners with open positions and an interest in you!

Quarterly Hiring Fair – Where you qualify for onsite interviews with small business owners looking to grow and/or expand their business.