The VWEC listed as one of 15 Amazing Female-Focused Coworking Spaces Across the Nation

Last year, the U.S. dropped to last place on a list female participation in the labor force in leading industrialized economies, falling behind Japan. This development marked a dramatic shift for the U.S., which was in a leading position in the late 1990s―with roughly 76.7% of women ages 25-54 actively participating in the workforce―to last place in 2017, after losing 1.7% of working age women. What’s holding women in the U.S. back?

American women find themselves juggling work and family, often forced to sacrifice the former because of the scarcity of affordable childcare options. According to the National Study of Employers, 41% of U.S. companies provide access to information to help parents find daycare centers in their community, but only 7% have either an on-site daycare or one near the workplace. Several coworking offices have stepped in to support young mothers and parents who cannot afford to drop out of the labor market by providing daycare and other services.

Many women are also held back by less access to mentors, resources and opportunities to advance their careers, or feel ill at ease within the bro-culture of their workplace. Female-focused coworking offices seek to address some of these issues by providing amenities suited to women’s needs, as well as a calmer, safer environment for them and their families.

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