Lillian Gregory, Member of Forbes Coaches Council and Forbes Contributing Writer, is now VWEC's premier writer and blogger on topics covering entrepreneurship strategies, organizational culture, change management, and design thinking. 

Lillian is also the Founder and CEO of The Institute for Human and Leadership Excellence, a non-profit organization that is PASSIONATE about inspiring leaders to reach their full potential.

As a passionate advocate for 21st Century Leadership, Lillian is a #ChangeAmbassador focused on #LifeWorkIntegration for Women in Leadership, Women in Technology, and US Veterans and Spouses. She provides research, strategies, tools, workshops, and events to help close leadership, life-work, and career strategy gaps.

Her work is grounded in #ICorePrinciples - Intellect. Integrity. Influence. which guarantees Excellence in Leadership. Over the years, she earned a reputation for seeing things differently, for providing expert analyses and strategies that deliver outstanding results. 

Lillian applies her 21st Century thoughtful leadership expertise to help drive change that transforms organizations or careers into a 21st Century marvel. Why? Because change is constant.

Lillian is a US Air Force Veteran and has also produced articles for the Huffington Post and other media outlets. Sign up for the VWEC Blog to receive Lillian's latest insights on the entrepreneurship journey and innovative strategies for success!

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